Higher Engagement

53% Higher productivity, engagement and happiness

Lower Costs

47% Lower healthcare costs                                                                   

Fewer Sick Days

70% Fewer sick days for employees participating

Medical cost drop $3.27 for every dollar spent.

Ozmo Active

Smart Hydration Companion for your team.

Many ways to match it with your CULTURE.

Available in 9 colors with personalized branding and color modifications

Perfect balance of Water and Coffee at work!

Improves health by preventing dehydration during work hours

Automatically detects water or coffee with optional manual input for other beverages

Calculates personalized daily hydration goal for everyone

Wellness is more fun among colleagues.

We offer various group challenges and data monitoring through our API. There are many ways to benefit from Ozmo’s Hydration Platform

Personalized dashboards for employees to compete in hydration challenges

Earn Ozmo Drops – pointing system- by reaching hydration goals

Simple distribution by Ozmo to your employees through Ozmo’s personalized store front

Sync health data from other platforms through Ozmo’s complete API

Predictive analysis and actionable insight through detailed reports on employee progress

Round the clock support throughout the process for administrators and employees

Happy Holidays!

Ozmo is a perfect Christmas Gift to your employees. Motivate them on their New Year’s resolution.